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2021 Instagram Rich List: Highest Paid Instagram Influencers In Africa

While climbing the influencer ladder, it’s common to get paid more per post if you have a higher follower count. This logic stems from the idea that the more eyes that see the content, the more brands are willing to pay.

Instagram influencers with under 10,000 followers can make, on average, $88.00 per post. Those with under 100,000 followers average $200.00 per post, but these numbers often vary from account to account.

Many celebrities and athletes in Africa are brand spokespeople and generate additional income with social media advertising and sponsored content. Juventus forward, Cristiano Ronaldo who is the celebrity with the highest number of followers on Instagram generates 945,441 U.S. dollars per ad.

That should tell you that one can actually make a fortune online if only you’re dedicated and focused on whatever you want to achieve. We’ve profiled the top 6 of Africa’s Instagram influencers by the number of followers, category, and how much they make per ad.

Highest Paid Instagram Influencers In Africa

1. Mo Salah (41.6 million) – $180,000 per ad – Sports
2. Davido Adeleke (19.1 million) – $91,100 per ad – Music
3. Tiwa Savage (12.2 million) – $61,400 per ad – Music
4. Yemi Alade (13.1 million) – $60,200 per ad – Music
5. Funke Akindele (12.6 million) – $59,500 per ad – Movies
6. Wizkid (11.8 million) – $57,300 per ad – Music

Africa’s Instagram influencer culture is growing bigger every day with some of the continent’s top talents demanding up to $180, 000 for sponsored posts on Instagram.