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Abena Korkor Confesses To Sleeping With A 13-Year-Old Boy – Video

Ghanaian Mental Health advocate, Abena Korkor has been carrying around a heavy secret for a while now. The former TV3 presenter has confessed to sleeping with a teenager.

Abena Korkor made the intriguing confession when she appeared as a guest on the Delay Show recently, saying she had an intimate affair with a 13-year-old boy when she was 6 years old.

According to her, even though she had premature sex at such a young age, she would not blame that solely on her current sexually hyperactive lifestyle or mental illness.

I can’t say for a fact that having sex at age 6 brought about my mental illness.

The former SRC aspirant also responded to speculations that her Bipolar disorder is hereditary. She noted on the show that no member of her family has been diagnosed with such mental illness.

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