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Ghanaian Man Uses Teeth To Lift A Bag Of Cement – Video

Celebs Cop has come across a video of a young Ghanaian man who lifted a bag of cement with his teeth at a building site and the video is fast going viral on social media.

It’s simply amazing how the young man who goes by the name Zewu Williams from the Volta Region of Ghana was able to lift a bag of cement that weighs almost 50kg with his bare teeth.

A bag of cement is one heavy load that not every person can carry so easily, even with their two hands so the video of Zewu Williams lifting a bag of cement with his teeth has surprised many.

Watch The Video Below

It’s currently uncertain if the young man had a bet with his colleague workers to use his teeth to lift the bag of cement but he was been cheered as he makes his way through the construction site with the bag of cement in his mouth.

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