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Jackie Appiah Cars: Actress Displays Her Customized Maserati In New Photo

Sultry Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah has wowed her fans and followers on social media after she posted a photo of herself posing right in front of her customized Maserati car.

The A-list Ghanaian actress posted a photo on Instagram, showing her Maserati which was registered in 2018 with a customized number plate bearing her name Jackie.

From what Celebs Cop has gathered, Jackie Appiah’s Maserati is estimated to cost a whopping $150,000 or even more depending on the year model and other customizations of the car.

She has also often been spotted driving a black G-Wagon in recent months.


Maserati is an Italian premium car manufacturer specializing in ultra-luxury vehicles. Owned by sports car group Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, Maserati models place an emphasis on luxury and sporty design, and Maserati prices begin from $100,000.